Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy Holiday!

I'll resume subbing after holidays.
Have a great holiday!



keiko1981 said...

I hope you will have happy holidays too Chuks!
Thank you so much for all the dramas you've subbed.
The first drama I watched that you had worked on was Mother, that drama is one of my favorites, and also re-watchable.
The second one was Fumo Chitai, the genre of the drama may not have been what I like the most, but it was well acted and you've done a very good work with the subtitles, especially with all the technical explainations, and political parts. :)

Anonymous said...

happy holidays chuks!

hopefully more dramas in the coming year? haha..

Chuks said...

Mother and Fumo Chitai are both my favorite, and they were fun to sub!
I appreciate your warm feedback.
I do sub for my enjoyment, but reading nice feedback motivate me to keep subbing. :)

Hope there will be interesting dramas to compel me to sub! :)