Thursday, May 5, 2011

Kita no kuni kara Ep24

I have uploaded subs for the final episode on D-addict.
I hope you guys enjoyed the series as much as I did!

Big THANKS to Phoenix, who has been very reliable editor.

I have started translating the first special, Fuyu (Winter).
It's another beautiful story featuring young Fubuki Jun.
So look forward to it!


Gordon said...

Chuks -- thank you a million times for taking on this project. I just finished ep. 23 and am fascinated by the Jun character -- I've never seen anyone consistently make the wrong decision the way he does! Ishida Ayumi must have had a very interesting time playing Japan's most famous dork ;-)). But truly, Tanaka Kunie is the outstanding star of the show -- he just blew me away. So thanks again -- when I tell my Japanese friends I've been watching Kita no kuni kara, they just sigh in a big nostalgic way! -- Gordon

Anonymous said...

Thanks alot for the
really cranked it out fast. I
really appreciate the hard work that you're doing.
Thank You , Thank You!!!!!!

Chuks said...

The line about Jun made me laugh. You're right. And he'll keep making bad choices on specials. That's what makes the drama realistic.
I agree with you on Tanaka Kunie as well. Every actor did great job.
Like your friends, Kita no kini kara gives me very nostalgic feelings. Especially I live outside of Japan, the feelings are very strong.

You're welcome. :)

maiku said...

Chuks -- Thanks so much for your hard work on this series! Your translation was excellent. I especially appreciate the prompt and consistent releases. With a series this deep and engaging it's always nice to have the next episode just a few days away.

I agree with Gordon about Jun. He was definitely one of the most frustrating, yet lovable characters I've seen in a jdrama. Fortunately Hotaru's strength balanced things out. All the characters were complex and interesting in their own ways. Seems like you don't get that as much in more recent dramas.

By the way, do they ever revisit the UFO storyline in the specials? It was pretty random. Definitely the one part of the show I didn't like (or understand).

chobuki said...


Hope I'm not revealing anything unnecessary but only the "abductee" will come back into the story at a much later special. The UFO storyline ends there and then (thankfully).

And yeah, random would be the best word to describe it. I only wonder if it was featured in due to some kinda sighting in Japan at that time.

@Chuks and Phoenix
お疲れ様。 :)

Anonymous said...

I just want to say, thank you very much for your hard work. This is my first time watching Kita no kunikara and I really enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

What is this drama about? I hate when the wiki synopsis in 1 line long. They're either too short or spoilers. Anywho, from comments it sounds like it a human interest drama about a Hokkaido farm family. They're daily life kinda like the 1 hr dramas we used to have in the States back in the 70s and 80s, ie the show called Family. Am I right, in the ball park, or no where near?

Lee said...

Thanks. I just went to Furano and saw the Kita no kuni kara museum. Very inspired to watch the series again.

I saw the first 24 episodes some 20 yrs back (on TV, translated in Chinese).

I am so glad I found your blog. I would like to watch the subsequent episodes (with eng/chinese subtitles).

Really appreciate your work.

Chuks said...

You're welcome.
I haven't watched all specials yet, but chokubi watched most of them, so chokubi knows better.
Thanks, chokubi. ;)

If you go to Kita no kuni kara subtitle thread on D-addict, there's a link to a very good review by Hamsupsukebe.

I've never been to Hokkaido yet, but I'd love to, someday.
It'd be nice to visit Goro's house as well.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the sub. im halfway through yet. i love it.

i love the drunk goro. best part of the show so far. i will not be convinced that guy was sober when he was acting. haha.. he is sooo good. sometimes i ask myself if the guy was a real farm, rural man.

one thing i observed also, the women are so pretty. i guess if they keep it simple and that makes them more attractive i guess.

i saw a korean drama about a lady planning to die on hokkaido. now i cant blame her. such a good place.

Anonymous said...

I just finished watching the series last night.

I am so glad you'd decided to pick up this drama. Really enjoyed it.

Such a different world and time.

-- bluesilo

Akiramike said...

Lee, please share your pictures from Furano and the museum!

Nima Vaziri said...

Chuks, Thank you soooooooo much for your great and hard project. I saw the first season in my countary several years ago (In Persian language). I really like this drama and now start to watch it again with all SPs. I am waiting for your Fuyu subtitle. Thanks again and good luck.