Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Progress on Suzuki Sensei

It wasn't my intention to take such long time to sub the series.
I apologize for the long wait.
The original editor, chokubi has been pretty busy, but I understand it.
He made every effort to finish the project, but his work became unexpectedly busy.
So I decided to find a new editor.
Luckily, yenchan of Timelessub has kindly agreed to step in. She's very fast
and reliable, so I should be able to release subs in short time.

I appreciate your patience.

Also, I appreciate chokubi for convincing me to take up this series.
I was hesitant at first as the dialog was too complicated and Suzuki's heavy use of
literary language, but I'm glad I decided to take this project as I see many people are
excited about this drama.
(Especially I enjoyed reading Akiramike's blog.)


maiku said...

Thanks for the update and for your hard work on this series. (chokubi too!) Looking forward to episode 8!

Anonymous said...

Thank you to everyone involved with this project!

Anonymous said...

You are a real inspiration. Thank you for your update and hard work.

Can't wait for the next episode !