Friday, March 21, 2014


I decided to sub WOWOW special drama, "Umoreru" and Dokaben kindly agreed to edit the subs for me.
It'll take a couple of weeks, but if you're interested, I recommend grabbing the raw while it's seeded.

Many WOWOW dramas disappoint me at the end, but this drama kept me glued to the screen till the end.
It is well-written and well-directed drama.
While I'm subbing the drama, I see many subtle expressions that I didn't realize when I watched it first time.
This drama is deep.

As deep as the lake. ;)


Akiramike said...

Cool, more Wowow stuff!

namihodai said...

Yes! Thanks a lot in advance. I was close to watching it without subs a few days ago. I'll wait patiently!

gankooyaji said...

Great news, Chuks -- I'll watch anything you sub (ha ha 頑固親爺のファンボーイ). Looking forward to it!

Anonymous said...

YES please, Chuks!

kondthol said...

Looking forward to this one. Awesome cast, and moreover Natsu Bappa from Amachan is there!!

Chuks said...

Haha, Gankooyaji.

Chuks said...


I just saw your comment on Glass no ie.
So your name is supposed to be "nomihodai" right?
I was wondering what "namihodai" means when I saw your handlename.

You must love to drink, huh.

Chuks said...

There was one more special drama from WOWOW uploaded on the D-addict at same time but I haven't watched it. Hope it's good.

By the way, Inpei Sosa started out good, but took odd turn when the main character fell in love. It was waste of good actors like Namase and Furuta.