Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Projects I'm interested in

29-sai no Christmas (1994)
For synopsis and casts, check here.
I was 14 when I watched this drama, and I loved it.
I haven't been able to find decent quality raws, and the chances I ever find them
are pretty dim.

Furikaereba Yatsugairu (1993)
Do not look up Dramawiki or for synopsis, since they pretty much say
how it ends.
I'm not good at writing synopsis, but the story is about two doctors, one is very
sincere and popular with patients(played by Ishiguro Ken) and the other one
is very talented but arrogant and cold-hearted.(played by Oda Yuji).
I have access to the raws, but I haven't had a chance to download them all yet.

Upcoming season
I haven't found any interesting dramas to sub for upcoming season (2010 summer) yet.
I like the screenwriter of GOLD (Nojima Shinji) and the author of the novel for Mioka
(Ishida Ira), but last time I chose a project based on screenwriter, I failed.
So I have to watch the drama before I take up any project.


Anonymous said...

fot the upcoming season, Keishicho Keizoku Sosakan might be interesting if you like Kimura YOshino.

Chuks said...

Since I already decided to take Pure, I don't think I'll work on another project, but I'll check it out when it's out.

Febrina said...

i love Furikaereba Yatsugairu. fall in love with yuji oda in this dorama <333, please..please...... sub this one if you have a time, errrrr but where could you download this dorama, i'm looking for it but not succes...

Anonymous said...

I watched Furikaereba Yatsu ga Iru when I was still in high school and I really love this drama. So I would be more than grateful if you pick this one to be your next project ^^

and thanks for subbing Mother. Definitely one of the best dramas I've watched.

Chuks said...

I fell in love with Oda in the drama too!
He was also good in Odoru Daisosasen, but my personal favorite is his role in Furikaereba.
The rumor says there might be raws available in D-addict in near future.
But it's just a rumor.

I'm glad you liked Mother, too. :)
There's one thing keeping me from deciding to sub Furikaereba is the surgical terms.
I can look up the name of diseases, but not
surgical terms. So if I could solve that problem, and the raws are in decent quality, I'm willing to sub.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your pjs ^^v. My mother love Pure very much. Although she's not good at English (me too T_T), she watched Pure with English subtitle and said it was very touching. We all appreciate your hard works ^3^.

I found the raw for 29-sai no Christmas here:
(thanks to xaxa xD)

I love Yamaguchi Tomoko-san so I really really want to watch this drama but I don't know Jappanese so it's hopeless T_T.
It was great if you could sub this drama xD.

I really love old Jdorama too xD. I always hope that there would be more old drama be subbed.

Thanks again <3

Chuks said...


Thank you for the link of 24sai no Christmas!
I had 29-sai marathon yesterday and today. The drama was as good as I remember. I like her in this drama more than in Love Generation.
Too bad the quality is a bit too low and audio is a little out of sync. Somebody sent me a good quality video of ep01 before, but I haven't heard from him/her since then.
I really don't have much time to translate another drama right now, but I really want many people to watch this drama, so I haven't given up this project completely yet.
Still, thanks to xaxa I was able to enjoy the classic again!