Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My recommendations for Japanese drama

I was born and raised in Japan, so I watched my share of Japanese dramas
until I moved to US in my early 20s.

Some of the dramas I recommend are old and not sure they are that good,
but they are good enough to come to my mind.

Kou Kou Kyoshi
(1993)(Not 2003 version)
It's a story about a high school teacher (Sanada Hiroyuki) and his student (Sakurai Sachiko)
fall in love.
The screenwriter, Nojima Shinji is genius on writing dark stories, and since this drama
was probably the first drama ever to cover rape, it caused controversy.
I was only 6th grade when it was aired, so my mother didn't like me watching it, but
I begged her to let me watch.
For downloading, go here.

Furikaereba Yatsugairu (1993)
Read under "Projects I'm interested in."

29-sai no Christmas (1994)
Read under "Projects I'm interested in."

Okane ga Nai
Fun to watch.
Click the title, it will lead you to the Timelessub, where you can download
subbed videos.

Kira Kira Hikaru (1998)
It's a story about a rookie medical examiner (Fukatsu Eri), her colleagues (Suzuki Kyoka,
Kobayashi Satomi) and a detective (Matsuyuki Yasuko). Their conversation is funny
and witty, and I used to adore those independent women.
I heard some group is planning to sub this series, so I hope they'll release the subs soon.

Ikebukuro West Gate Park
I had never seen a drama like this at that time, so I remember I was quite shocked
when I watched it.

I loved the first season, but not the squeals.

Shiroi Kyoto
Based on Yamazaki Toyoko's novel.
Karasawa Toshiaki did a great job.

Nodame Cantabile
Almost all my girlfriends were hooked on it.

Jiko Keisatsu
Fun to watch.

Kekkon Dekinai Otoko (2006)
Abe Hiroshi and Natsukawa Yui did a perfect job.
Their subtle humor is just perfect.
I can watch it again and again, and still be able to enjoy it.

Hagetaka (2007)
This is a business drama. Well-directed, and well-acted.
The music director also did an amazing job.

Karei Naru Ichizoku
Based on Yamazaki Toyoko's novel.
I didn't know Kimura Takuya could actually act until I watched this drama.

Gaiji Keisatsu (2009)
Unlike most of Japanese terrorist-related dramas, this drama tried to be as realistic as
they could.

Saru Lock
Fun to watch.

Shiroi Haru (2009)
Only Abe Hiroshi can act like that.
If not for Abe Hiroshi and Endo Kenichi, this drama would have failed, but
they turned the ordinary script into something worth watching.

Fumo Chitai (2009, 2010)
Not as great as other Yamazaki Toyoko's dramas (Shiroi Kyoto, Karei naru Ichizoku),
but still the quality is good, and actors are just amazing, especially Karasawa Toshiaki,
Harada Yoshio, and Kishibe Shiro.

Chase (2010)
This drama is written by the same screenwriter of Mother (Sakamoto Yuji).
The story is about a tax fraud investigator of Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau.

Mother (2010)
The best drama I ever watched.
Just amazing.
When I heard about this drama, I didn't feel like watching it, since I thought the drama
was nothing but a dark drama. But I gave it a try since I like the lead actress, Matsuyuki
Yasuko. I was hooked on this drama right away.
Beautiful cinematography, talented actresses, great directing, and well-written script will
blow you away.

You should be able to find easily the raws for most of the dramas I listed.
If you need a help to find them, contact me.
I subbed Okanega Nai, Saru Lock, Fumo Chitai and Mother.
(No one have subbed Kira Kira Hikaru and Chase yet.)


Zelie said...

Thank you for subbing Mother, it's the best drama I've watched in years.

Febrina said...

I reccomend you Pandora from Wowow. Top Notch acting from the cast such as Toshiro Yanagiba, Mikami Hiroshi, Konishi Manami only 5 episodes. I wish someone would sub Pandora II..

Chuks said...

Thank you for the recommendation. :)
Actually, I watched both Pandora, although I couldn't finish the first season.
Mikami Hiroshi and Konishi Manami's acting didn't do
for me. Yanagiba was as good as usual, though.
The second one was better.

Chuks said...

You're welcome!
I agree with you. One of the best.

kazuya said...

About Kira Kira Hikaru, I agree with you that the ladies talking about their lives, love and work was the most interesting part of this drama. The investigation of the crimes was interesting but not so compelling to me.

Fukatsu Eri was great in this role, as was Matsuyuki Yasuko ( even though her role as the tough lady detective is a bit cliche. ) Yanagiba Toshiro was excellent as usual and Kobayashi Satomi was good too. The only characters I didn't like were Suzuki Kyoka and Shinohara Ryoko. I didn't really care about their stories.

Still, I think this is about an 8 out of 10.

Another drama that I liked that reminded me of Kira Kira Hikaru ( though maybe it was because Kobayashi Satomi is in it ) but was really nothing like it by reading the synopsis, was Suika. It was a drama that was not really about plot or story, but about the lives of the female characters as they interacted with one another.

Anonymous said...

do you know where i can get the raw for mother? daddicts doesnt have seeders :(