Monday, September 13, 2010

2010 Fall Dramas

I'd love to hear what fall dramas you are looking forward to.
I personally look forward to...
-Urakin Ushizima-kun since Yamada Takayuki is a good actor and the producer is from my favorite drama, Kira Kira Hikaru.
-Kokoro no ito since Matsuyuki Yasuko impressed me in Mother and it's NHK drama.
-Kenji Kijima Heihachiro since Hamada Masatoshi is also funny as an actor.

Here's the list of dramas but they are written in Japanese.
If you click the title, it'll take you to the official homepage.


Anonymous said...

The 3 looks interesting. SInce I'm a Yamada Takayuki hardcore fan, I'll definitely try Urakin Ushizima-kun, but the plot leaves me circumspect. Kokoro no ito I'll definitely watch, a good plot and Matuyuki san. But usually, I find japanese Tv to be better at making renzoku than specials.

So I think perfect report might ends up being better. I will also watch the drama with Kanno Miho and Tamaki Hiroshi, the casting is excellent and the plot looks interesting.

I didn't noticed Kenji Onijima Heihachiro but the story might be interesting. For the rest, nothing's very appealing... (
-another Shinohara Ryoko,
-Oguri Shun drama where he will take cute poses near cute pets it will certainly melt Oguri 's fans to see him near a sick puppy!!!

, etc...)

Anonymous said...

i saw a poster from Misterx's twitter or the now so called Anarchist about Marks No Yama and it's intresting.

i've read from someone's blog also about fall dramas and it seems promising to me. looks like kanno miho is booked for a revenge drama. karina is back also, but im too lazy to read what the synopsis is.

Chuks said...

When I was looking up Kokoro no Ito, I realized the screenwriter is the same person who wrote Pure.

I'll probably check Kanno's drama too, but the plot sounds a little too silly, and even though I like Kanno Miho as a person, but I'm not a big fan of her acting.

It's a pity that Oguri Shun keeps staring those so called "trendy drama."
I've seen what he's capable of. He deserves better quality dramas.

Chuks said...

I tried to find Mister X's twitter account, but I couldn't find it. Did he say he'll sub it?
Marks No Yama sounds promising. Kamikawa Takaya is such a great actor and the write is from Soratobu Taiya. I hope somebody will upload it.
I wonder what's the next NHK's Saturday Drama is.

Anonymous said...

Just finished soratobu Taiya last night. Damn, it was brilliant!! Excellent drama!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i've read his/her twitter account 3 months ago.. he/she deleted the twitter account last month i guess.. i think you can contact misterx or anarchist at withs2. although mrX hasnt said any plans on subbing marks no yama but he did sub Pandora 2 as of now.

you know what, i've started reading the fall drama synopsis. miho kanno the pet groomer seems really silly. i can handle eye candy though but not long enough to finish hataraki man.

Anonymous said...

Let's see, aside from what's already mentioned, Keizoku 2 SPEC. Heard that it's predecessor starring Nakatani Miki and Watabe Atsuro had good reviews.

Himitsu and Genya just because they're from Higashino Keigo; not gonna set my expectation past my normal range though.

And there's the Yonimo Kimyona Monogatari SP series. The one with Kagawa Teruyuki looks most promising.

Thanks for the info on Pandora 2, glad I kept the raws.

Chuks said...

I agree. :) The ending was a little too happy ending, but I was glued to the drama.

Thank you for the info. :)
I bumped into the subs for Pandora2 when I was looking for his twitter account.
That show is also interesting to watch.
Speaking of Kamikawa, I still haven't given up subbing Daichi no Ko, but the raws are really hard to find.

I remember watching part of Hataraki man on streaming site when I didn't know about D-addict.
I felt the drama was a little silly.

Chuks said...


As for Keizoku, I didn't pay much attention to it since I'm a big fan of the original one, but I looked it up after reading your post and found Tsutsumi Yukihiko will be directing it. It got interesting guests too, so I'll definitely check it out. Thanks for directing me to it.

As Higashino's fan, I'll check Himitsu and Genya out, but I don't have much expectations either.

I'm scared of Yonimo Kimyona Monogatari since I was small.
First, Tamori is too scary. (Is he still narrating?) And the stories are usually "can happen in a real life" so I can't watch it. :p
Speaking of Kagawa Taruyuki, I saw his movie with Koizumi Kyoko, Tokyo Sonata. It was amazing movie.

Anonymous said...

when i saw the pandora 2 subs i asked myself who this Anarchist the main translator is. i then realized it was MrX. i think when MrX removed the twitter account, it was the same moment the name changed to Anarchist.

ohh.. im a fan of Kagawa Tereyuki.. he's really good in Ryoma den. i think he is also working with Miho Kanno and Abe Hiroshi in a drama special this fall.

i've only watched 1 episode of hataraki man because of the eye candy but i cant move further than that.

i think Pandora 2 is trying to tell the viewers that if the cure for cancer wont get your attention, maybe starvation will. although reading the synopsis felt like pandora 2 have the same trail with the previous one, im just hoping to be surprised by Inoue Yumiko.

Anonymous said...

Yup, Tamori will continue being the "storyteller".
Just read that Kagawa's episode will be written by Hashimoto Hiroshi. And another episode featuring Horikita Maki will be written by Sakamoto Yuji.

Tokyo Sonata is awesome; should be Kagawa's best movie performance IMO. I also find it interesting/coincidental that he tends to show the subtle side of his acting in movies.

Is the drama special you're talking about called Saka no Ue no Kumo? I checked out the ep1 from part one and it seemed kinda lukewarm. But I should watch the rest to see if part2's worth checking out.

If you like Kagawa and taiga dramas, you should check out Toshiie to Matsu.

Anonymous said...

yeah i think it's Saka no Ue no Kumo.

i first saw Kagawa from tokyo sonata and i didnt recognized him at first in Ryoma den.

Chuks said...

I watched Pandora 2 when it was aired.
Sato Koichi is definitely better than Mikami Hiroshi. I'm interested to hear what people think of Pandora 2 when it's all subbed.
Did you like Pandora 1?

I googled Hashimoto Hiroshi. He wrote Kareinaru Ichizoku, huh. Those two episodes sound interesting. Let me know if it's not too scary, and I might check them out. :P

I don't know much of Kagawa's movie, but as you said, he did brilliant job on the movie.
Koizumi Kyoko did amazing job too. Her despite look towards Kagawa... it was pretty funny.

I've been meaning to check Sakano ue no kumo, but I haven't got a chance. It has mixed review, doesn't it?

Ersby said...

I'm quite bad at checking on forth-coming series, but I'm keeping half an eye on "Reinoryokusha Odagiri Kyoko no Uso" with Satomi Ishihara. I'm not always that keen on her stuff, but I thought she was great in "Puzzle", and I'm hoping this will be more like that.

Anonymous said...

Pandora 1 vs 2. i think season 2 has more content. i had fun with pandora 1. is Mikami Hiroshi gay? i always think he is. he is so FIERCE! haha.. the funniest part for me in Pandora 1 is that they play 50 cent's song everytime that gangsta dude beat up someone. theres something wrong with the music they play in both Pandoras.

now that it talks about food, season 2 is much more catchy. i actually prefer Pandora 2. plus the cop this time is pretty. i wouldnt be scared being caught by that chick. i would love to be caught by that chick. hehe.. anyway, its way to early to tell. i finished season 1 five months ago. so its still fresh from my mind and i cant really avoid comparing the two.

wow! Yamamoto Koji is a reporter again. it's been 3 times i've seen this guy as a journalist! one more time i see him as a reporter in a drama, i think he'll bha a degree in journalism. haha..

Kagawa can really bring out the character. he really looks like a loser from Tokyo Sonata. if im asked which japanese actor i want to meet, its definitely Kagawa.

i dont think i can watch Sakano ue no kumo because it has no subs as far as my googling is concerned. i thought it is already a good drama knowing that it has a star-studded cast.

Anonymous said...

No idea about the reviews but I get the same feeling as when I watched Wagaya no Rekishi just from ep1 (of part1) alone. But I should really watch more episodes to confirm that.

Chuks said...

I've never watched Puzzle. I've read the synopsis and looks interesting. I'll check it out. :)

Haha, I wouldn't be surprised if he was gay. I heard he is a quite weirdo in a real life.
As you said, the hip hop music on that timing was hilarious, to the point it made me hard to take the drama seriously.

I like Pandora 2 way better than the first one.
Both of them have their share of good actors and bad actors, but I liked Yanagiba from the first, and a fellow researcher from the second.
If every female cop in Japan wears like that and runs with heels, the crime rate will soar. lol

I think Yamamoto Koji is the best at playing journalist. :)

Chuks said...


I see.
Well, let me know when you watch more.
I'd love to hear your opinion.

arakira said...

Hm I completely overlooked Kokoro no ito and Kenji Kijima Heihachiro, might give them a try for the reasons you mentioned. Was gonna check out Perfect Report because of Matsuyuki.

I am really looking forward to Marks no Yama cause it seems to have all the elements for an awsome production and I hope it will live up to my expectations.

ARATA's Mori no Asagao and Second Virgin sound pretty promising, too. Plus, as I admire Takenouchi Yutaka I put the next Getsu9 on my watchlist in the hope it will be as good as the old 90ies dramas ;)

There are also 2 more specials I am anticipating: Hei no Naka no Chuugakko and 99-nen no Ai

I agree with you on Shun he has the talent but his drama choices are below his level-same for Nari more or less.

Chuks said...

Oh, yeah, I forgot about Perfect Report. I'll check it out too.
It's interesting you mentioned ARATA.
I knew about him, but I had never seen him acting until Chase, and his acting was shining. But you said you haven't watched Chase yet, so you've seen him on somewhere else?
Talking about Getsu9, I wasn't a big fun of Ueto Aya until I saw her on Junen saki mo kimini koishite. I'm getting to like her, so I might check new getsu9.
I was totally forgetting about Hei no Naka no Chugakko.
I'll definitely check it out.

arakira said...

Chucks, I've been admiring ARATA for quite some time. His acting is always spot on and he's pretty versatile, too. Enough to make me try and drama for his casting alone.

Know him from movies like After Life, Hebi ni Piasu, Air Doll. This year he's been in half a dozen movie productions and also in the recent TV special Kikoku (if anybody got the file, please let me know)

Anonymous said...

i asked MrX about Marks No Yama in withs2.. and this is what he/she says.

"As for Marks, we tend to subtitle shows that fall through the cracks, and only after the show is complete (mainly because the J-dorama subbing community is good enough covering most shows as it is, the dorama I’d target are rare enough that it might be hard to get them all even on private trackers, and for obvious quality reasons. Too many shows start well and then lose focus midway). Once we’re done with this we’ll probably be too busy with K-dramas to do anything Japanese until at least early next year, so if by then nobody has tackled it and it’s good enough, we might give it a go. It does sound really interesting and the original is great, so should be a fine show, considering WOWOW’s track record."

this is the site where MrX replied. Take note that MrX is now Anarchist.

are you eyeing on Marks No Yama also?

Anonymous said...

Ho!!! so I guess there's quality K-dramas!!!

Chuks said...

I see.

As Mister X said, you won't know if the drama is really good until it's completed. I learned it from my past projects. I only take up projects while it's still airing only if the drama compels me enough, like Mother.
So, let's see.

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Finding them using translations was tough. The only upcoming drama I was waiting on was Veterinarian Dolittle starring Uchi & Noda (aka Shun Oguri & Hiroki Narimiya). Besides them a few of my other faves like Saki Aibu and Namase Katsuhisa are in shows. Yea! I can only hope for subs.

I think I'm interested in the Miho Kanno drama, not sure. It kind of sounds like a tv version of the Korean movie, Lady Venegance. The other dramas I'm interested in are: Ushijima-kun (if it's the one aobut the loan shark), Rikon Doukyo (sounds like it might be funny), Keizoku 2 (wondering if I can find the first one w/subs), and Ogon no Buta.

My search led me to quite a few movies I'd like to see as well. Thanks for the link.

Chuks said...

>Ugh. Finding them using translations was tough.
Haha, I'm sure.
As for the first season of Keizoku,
I don't think they are ever subbed.
I watched it long time ago, and I thought about checking it again as my potential project, but I couldn't find the decent raw.

Anonymous said...

this is very good for you, ybg :)