Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pure Ep07 (and update on Chase Ep03)

I have uploaded the subtitles for seventh episode of Pure at D-addict.

As for the third episode of Chase, hubby_b did a fast job so it's in QC phrase right now.
I should be able to upload them in a few days. :)


zooey said...

Thanks for episode 7. Pure is turning out to be one of my favorite dramas. The title really fits the drama. This episode made me go "awwww" (sigh*), what with the "ultimate love letter" and the shape of Yuka's love. It's a bit sappy but, hey, it's all good. Will tune in to the end of the series. :)

Chuks said...

I'm liking Pure more than I did back in days.
Yeah, the title is well said.
Haha, I agree there are some scenes overly romantic. It's from 90s after all.:)