Sunday, October 17, 2010

Upcoming projects

I've decided to sub specials of Kita no kuni kara. The series was originally aired
in 1980 and 1981 and became nationally known.
Even though the original series is not fully subbed yet, you can still enjoy the SPs without watching the original series. I'll try to explain the backgrounds of the characters when I release the subs.
(I'm taking over the original series as well.)

Kita no kuni kara was one of the most popular shows in Japan.
I grew up watching the specials. (I was too small to watch the original series.)

One of the producers is actually my aunt's friend, so once I was an extra in his movie, and met Yoshioka Hidekata, the main character of this series.
Many people might know him from Dr. Koto's clinic. Anyway, this series holds a special place in my heart, so I have decided to get them subbed.

You can find the direct download links for the raw here.

We'll start from '95 Himitsu, since Miyazawa Rie (Twilight Samurai) is just irresistibly cute in the drama. The drama also features my favorite song, "I love you" by Ozaki Yutaka.

I think it's best if you just watch it instead of me explaining the synopsis.
You'll be hooked to the cinematography and the main character's father, Goro's personality.

I'm also thinking about taking up a drama from fall season since yenchen69 of Timelessub kindly agreed to help with editing.


keiko1981 said...

Thank you thank you so very much for choosing this!

Amelia said...

OMG Chuks...!!!
After so many excellent choice from you in subbing doramas..
Finally someone pick Kita no Kuni kara to be subbed, and again it is you...!!

And do you mean to do the sub for the original 24 eps of the series, too?
I don't know what to say...!!
I'm in hysteria....!!!!!

Thank you so much...!!!

Zemus said...

This is incredible!

I have heard many great things about Kita no kuni kara. Thanks for picking it as your upcoming project. It's such a treat when older drama is getting translated. Other fansub groups should follow your example.

From fall season, if you decide to sub that is, my guess would be either Second Virgin (seeing as you rate it with four stars below) or Perfect Report. Will be interesting to see if I am totally off on this one.

Chuks said...

@keiko 1981
You're welcome. :)

Haha, I can tell how happy you are.:)
Now I'm more motivated to sub!
Yes, I'll sub all the episodes starting from episode 9.

You're pretty good!
Second Virgin is a candidate for my fall project. But I want to check out Perfect Report and Markus no Yama first.
My concern is, Second Virgin has ten episodes. Judging from how fast the story is progressing, I'm not sure if it can keep the momentum until the end.

Denshaotoko said...

Thanks very much, Chuks, for your dedication! I, as well, vote for Second Virgin or Perfect Report, but of course the choice is yours :) Whatever it is, I will follow you !

milky said...

Thank you so much for subbing all these series!

I really do hope you give Perfect Report a try. It seems like a very interesting drama with a great cast.

Chuks said...

Denshaotoko and milky,

You're welcome. :)
I'm still indecisive.
I'm still waiting for Markus no Yama.
Somehow this season has too many similar story lines.