Sunday, November 7, 2010

The final episode of Chase

I've uploaded the subs for the final episode of Chase.


zooey said...

Thanks Chuks. :)
I haven't gotten around to watching the last few episodes, hopefully I'll finish it by tomorrow. Can't wait to find out what happens to Murakumo, expect me to rant or rave about it soon.

Chuks said...

Haha, I can't wait for that!


randonneuse said...

Thank you, Chuks, for subbing this super drama. It got more and more involving as it went along, and then left some of those "but WHY?" questions unanswered, but in a way that still felt finished. Since you said it had the same writer as Mother, my favorite drama of this year, I checked DramaWiki to see what else she had done:Watashitachi no Kyokasho, another favorite from the past, but also Top Caster (with Amami Yuki) which looks altogether different in tone. Because it is only available raw, I haven't watched more than a few minutes. I know you have a lot of shows lined up to sub at the moment, but by any chance did you like Top Caster well enough to consider subbing it sometime in the future? Either way, I love your choices of shows to sub and I'll be following your work with interest. Thanks again!

Chuks said...

The ending was a bit unsatisfying, wasn't it. But not as much as Mother. :P
Sakamoto Yuji clearly stepped up from his past works.
I've watched Top Caster. It's similar to Perfect Report, though I only watched the first episode of Perfect Report.
There's no other way to sound not arrogant, but while it was entertaining, it didn't compel me to sub. Sorry to disappoint you.

randonneuse said...

No problem with not wanting to sub Top Caster. Since I don't watch until there ARE subs, I can't comment on the content of the drama, but I'll watch anything with Amami Yuki, even if it tries my patience.

I actually didn't find the end of Mother unsatisfying. Japanese dramas don't usually hand out facile happy endings to people who step out of line of society's expectations -- they just have to live on, doing their best and hoping for a better future.

I wonder if the writer developed these mother issues recently. I don't remember Remote having these overtones.

Anonymous said...

This was a short series, but boy was it good. I loved it. It was very satisfying and the acting was great. Thanks! I downloaded it right after you subbed it and finally watched it a couple of weeks ago. It's well worth watching.