Thursday, November 18, 2010

Nakanai to kimeta hi

English subtitles for 2010 winter drama, Nakanai to kimeta hi was left incomplete on D-addict and somebody asked me to finish it.
I enjoyed the first couple of episodes, so I decided to finish it.
The final episode was already translated and edited.
The moderator of D-addict is waiting for a reply from the original subber. After a certain amount of time, I will be permitted to upload the subs.


keiko1981 said...

Thank you very much Chuks!
Good to hear it will be finished. :)

Anonymous said...

This is indeed good news so thank you very much. Will you also then please sub the special so it completes the series?

Thanks again.

zooey said...

Oh cool. I remember watching 3 or 4 episodes of this series-- never got around to finishing it because I wanted to wait until all the subs were complete. I think I downloaded subs for episode 8 of this, and then when I checked later on, it was removed from the list. Glad to hear that you're working to get it finished.

The drama may be a bit of a cliche with all the soap-opera elements in it + the frenemy, but I'm still curious to see the end of it. Thanks for helping out hopelessheart, I'll be looking forward to your next release. ^^

Chuks said...


You're welcome. :)
I'm not gonna sub the SP. I only subbed the final episode because I felt sorry for those who are itching to know how it ends.


The series started out good, I liked the snake sound every time those bullies grinned.
I didn't know somebody subbed the finale but got removed. If he/she had contacted the moderator first, it wouldn't have been removed. Too bad.
I'm not gonna say anything about the final episode until I release the subs, but let's say the drama started going downhill around when Marika lied about being pregnant.
(I hope you already watched that part and I didn't spoil it. I thought it was around ep04. But if I did, I apologize.)
Eikura Nana's acting was way too weak.

Anonymous said...

Well that's too bad but then its up to you to choose what to sub and you are after all doing us a huge favour by bringing closure to this series :)