Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Good drama?

Hey, all.

I've been away from fansubbing, but I'm still watching jdramas.
There hasn't been good dramas that make me check d-addict constantly this year.
The most recent drama I liked was NHK's Hatsukoi. The husband was really natural.
I've seen many Japanese "salary-man" just like him. They could do better job finding a better actor for the doctor though...
Still, NHK is good at finding a perfect actor for a certain role, like Hasegawa Hiroki on Second Virgin, Omori Nao on Hagetaka, Ono Machiko on Carnation...
By the way, if you haven't watched Carnation, you gotta watch it. I LOVED it. Well-made.

I'm hungry for good dramas.
Any recommendations?


Akiramike said...

I liked that the husband in Hatsukoi wasn't a third wheel. This year has been lacking in absolute must watches. All the WOWOW doramas started strong and then got boring. Furuhata Ninzaburo is probably the best dorama I've seen this year.

Chuks said...


I agree with your take on WOWOW dramas. Endings are usually cheesy.
I watched Furuhata Ninzaburo when it aired in Japan and it was fun. It wouldn't have been without Nishimura Masahiko.

Akiramike said...

There's something sadistically fun about Furuhata bullying Nishimura Masahiko all the time that goes against his clam intellectual disposition. Its like he gets more glee out of it than solving the cases.

Anonymous said...

how about subbing Tsumi to Batsu: A Falsified Romance ? it;s a WOWOW dorama

xaxa said...

From the recent ones I really liked Kazoku no Uta, don't look at low ratings, it's one of the best family dramas in a long time.

From the old ones I'd recommend Zenryaku Ofukuro-sama (if you'll need video files I could reupload them) and Terauchi Kantarou Ikka. Terauchi Kantarou is more silly, but fun to watch, but Zenryaku Ofukuro-sama is a real gem in the same vein as Kita no Kuni kara.

Anonymous said...

Hitori Shizuka looks promising!

Chuks said...

I watched Tsumi to Batsu. It was fine but not enough to motivate me to sub.

I watched Kazoku no Uta too.
It started out good but when the network decided to cut it short, it wend downhill, in my opinion.

I heard about Zenryaku. Let me see if there's any good dramas to sub this season first.
I just started watching Going My Home. Going great so far. Looks like Heiwa funsub is gonna sub it.

gankooyaji said...

Hi Chuks -- how about picking up Kita no Kuni Kara again (he asked selfishly)? I know those episodes are a lot of work, but they really are so wonderful to watch (and your subs makes them "wonderfuler").
Otherwise, I was interested in Tsurukame Josanin Minami no Shima Kara, another kind of slice of life, will I find happiness show (I know, so sentimental).
Anyway, thanks for all your hard work so far -- always a pleasure to view your subs!

lontong.stroong said...

First of all, thank you for subbing rare doramas like Suzuki Sensei, which turned out to be underrated gem. Agree with gankooyaji, why don't you pick NHK regular doramas like tsurukame josanin and nemureru mori no jukujo? Furthermore, so far no one's interested to sub both, even if the watchers of these doramas are crying for them. I heard these doramas also received and reviewed well by some japanese bloggers and reviewers

Ropiciz said...

How about this http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Waru