Friday, August 23, 2013

Pan to Soup to Neko Biyori

I found an editor, so I will start work on it.

I'll post the subs to D-addict once it's done.


gankooyaji said...

Chuks! So nice to see you back. I was getting a bit worried. Plus you're interested in Pan to Soup to Neko Biyori! I've been watching it with the Japanese subs, but it's slow going at my level. So your excellent subs will make the experience even better.
Of course, your interest in this "slice of life" dorama just proves that we are soul mates and should get married, move to a small Japanese island and spend out days eating good food, drinking good wine and watching good doramas! LOL.
In the meantime, it's great to have you back -- looking forward to the subs, with many thanks to you and the editor.

Chuks said...

Sounds pretty appealing,gankooyaji LOL
But you're ganko oyaji?
I'm pretty ganko myself as well. We'll see how it'll work out... :P

gankooyaji said...

Nah, I'm 気楽な親爺, especially when watching a mellow dorama like this one. I would love to be having lunch in a place like that right now.
Have fun on the subs and stick around - you've been missed!

Murai82 said...

Chuks! I was just wondering what were you going to sub next after Suzuki Sensei, and here you are, back with a new project. This drama looks good, I just finished downloading the raws. Thanks for your hard work as usual!

Chuks said...


That's true, this drama is for kirakuna oyaji. I'd love to eat there too.
I'd love to see Mama too. I like a lady like that.

Yeah, it's been a while after Suzuki Sensei. The drama kinda made me burn out. It was tough drama to sub.
I like this drama, because there is not many dialogues. Same as Kita no kuni kara. But the lines are way more vague, so that's hard to translate as well.
Hope you will enjoy the show.