Saturday, September 7, 2013

Pan to Soup to Neko Biyori Ep01

My editor, Dokaben and I finished subbing the first episode of Pan to Soup to Neko Biyori.
I'll upload it to D-addict in a couple of days.
We used the raw uploaded by semi-fly for the first episode, and for the rest of episodes, we will use the one uploaded by XrayMind.

I will provide you the link for the subs once I upload it.

The link for the subs.



Alec said...

Excellent subs, thanks so much for your work!

cyphoncofe said...

Oh my... I didn't expect you to really translate this, thanks a lot, and if I may, I would like to take your reference for that if in the future I intend to translate this drama into my language, it'd be much easier than translating from the Japanese subtitles

Keep on doing nice work, I'm rooting for you!

Chuks said...


You're welcome. :)


Sure, go ahead!
Let me know if you have any questions.

cyphoncofe said...

Thanks a lot for your kindness Chuks, I'd be sure to put credits in there...

Somehow I've decided to start translating it as a side project (now I'm currently translating Going My Home, and this maybe a bit rude, but I hope you're the one who's translating it instead, because Heiwa got so many mistakes in there... but I'm still feeling thankful to them, though, I have to rights to complain on their dedications).

And now I'm having a problem with the line at 32:19, where the little girl was saying "My mom was watching TV". However, in the Japanese subs it's written as "お母さんが手でべーベーでいたら"... (what does it means anyways lol) So I was wondering whether the Japanese subs I got was wrong (It's not that I don't trust your translation, but everytime when I'm translating from English, I'd always open the Japanese subtitles as a reference, as some words may have different feelings to them when translating into my language... and btw this time I couldn't find the source for Japanese subtitles, so I got the one which comes together with the Chinese ones), or whether it's just that the little girl couldn't pronounce the word clearly.

I'd be very glad if you clarify these doubts, and sorry if this cause too much troubles or disturbs you.

Cyphoncofe said...

Oh, there's one more thing which I've been wondering. Do you, by any chance, know what's the relationship between Matsumoto Kana, and the other same-style Ogigami Naoko is? (at first I thought Tokyo Oasis and this drama was Ogigami's work haha... their style are too similar, and even the cast... or don't tell me it's the same Kana as the actress Kana who's playing the 'big girl' role?!)

someone who's terribly sorry for the spam said...

* I have no rights
sorry typo, and I'm sorry it's like I'm flooding your comment section, I'd leave now, looking forward to your reply

Chuks said...


I'm in no place to comment on other fansubber's translation, since I'm not a professional.
All I can say is that that Japanese line you provided doesn't make sense and Going My Home is not an easy drama to translate.
There are many unspoken dialogs there, and that was the beauty of the drama.

If you have any questions regarding Pan to Soup, I'm happy to answer.

Cyphoncofe said...

I'm not a professional too, but if you're working on a translation project which spread to a lot of people, you might as well welcome some criticisms (for better development to the translation community, that is). And I'm not even criticizing them anyways, I'm just "complaining" of how better it would be if it was you. Though, I might be wrong to put it that way.

However, I hereby could be criticizing them to make myself more clear. I didn't mean that their translating accent was not good, what I meant was that they misinterpreted the context too many times since ep1-ep10 (for example, the word 神経衰弱 in ep1 which means matching card game, they mistranslated it to "I'm having a nervous breakdown" that's written in the same way). So please, pardon me if I gave you the wrong impression of accusing them falsely.

And that sentence was from Pan to Soup btw. It's the scene where the little girl asked the protagonist about the bee and continued on about barbecue. Or maybe the Japanese subtitles I got was wrong, like what I've said.

Thanks for answering and providing great subs anyways :)

Chuks said...


The girl said
The girl didn't talk clearly.

Hope that helps.