Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pan to Soup to Neko Biyori Ep02 (Updated)

It looks like the blogspot is having an issue with text gudget,
so I will post an update for the episode 2 here.

Ep 02 QC (Will be released soon)
Ep 03 Timing

For those who can't stand for the slow release, I recommend to wait till it's finished.
I'm doing the best I can to provide the subs.

Thank you for understanding.

I have just uploaded the subs file on D-addict.
Thanks for the patience.


Alec said...

Hi Chuks, thanks so much again for your work and dedication. I was wondering if you would accept my help to synchronize the subtitles, I have some experience with Subtitle Workshop and would be happy to help where possible.
I could help synchronize some parts. Except that, as I do not speak Japanese I ask only to indicate on which character is speaking, or some extra tip to identify the dialogues. If necessary, it will be a pleasure to help you. Best regards.

Chuks said...


Thank you for your offer. :)
Just send me an email and we can talk more.

NyanNyan said...

Thanks again for your great work, Chuks. Watching the first two episodes, this is turning out to be another wonderful little show. I like this cast (Suika, Kamome Shokudou, etc) the setting, and just the nice pace of the show. Too bad it's only 4 eps... but am eagerly looking forward to the next ep whenever you have a chance to work on it. Great show though, thanks for chooing it and translating it!

Chuks said...


You're welcome. :)