Thursday, July 1, 2010

My recommendations on Japanese drama Part2

Aishiteiruto Ittekure (1995)
This drama was very popular back in days.
It's a love story between wanna-be-actress and a man with hearing impairment.
You can find DVD rip here.

Hakusen Nagashi (1996)
I watched it again and again when I was teenager.
You can find subbed version here.

Pure (1996)
Wakui Emi is just adorable in this drama.
It's a story about a very talented artist who has low IQ and a journalist who
falls for her.
This drama is deeper than typical love stories.
It shows how society treats this low IQ girl and how her mother tries to protect her
from people who try to exploit her.

Stalker-Nigekirenu Ai (1997)
Watabe Atsuro got a lot of attention because of this drama.
He's so good when he plays a creepy role.

Keizoku (1999)
This is also Watabe Atsuro drama.
If you like Trick or Jiko Keisatsu, you might like this.

Haru Ranman
The lead, Oshio Manabu got arrested for drug not long time ago, so
I don't think he'll ever come back as an actor.
It's not that excellent drama or anything, but it's fun and cute.
This drama is for girls, in my opinion.

Some of the dramas I mentioned here are not available for download.
If anybody who is interested in those drama subbed and happened to have
access to the raws (have to have decent quality), contact me.
I'm happy to give it a try to sub.

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