Sunday, July 11, 2010


Thanks to Zemus's help, I found the raws for Pure,
so I'll be subbing it with help of chokubi and hubby_b.
I'll start translating after wrapping up Mother and Shinzanmono.
I recommend you to start downloading off D-addcit while there are many seeders.

Pure is a love story between a low IQ girl who is gifted in arts, and a journalist who is not
interested in people.
The cast are Wakui Emi (Fumo Chitai), Tsutsumi Shinichi (Galileo movie),
Takahashi Katsunori (Dosokai), Fubuki Jun (Sunao ni Narenakute), and Shinohara Ryoko (Tsukino Koibito).
It was aired on 1996, and the average rating was 23.5%, the highest rating was 25.9%.


keiko1981 said...

Thank you very much Chucks for choosing to sub Pure.

keiko1981 said...

Sorry for the misspelling your name.
I have linked to your blog.

zooey said...

Just wanted to say thanks for deciding to sub Pure. I love watching Tsutsumi Shinichi, this old-school, theater actor always delivers the goods. Shinzanmono and Mother are also on my watchlist. Will probably do a viewing marathon once the subs are complete. :)

Good luck with your projects and I hope you never get tired in sharing with us these wonderful shows. Oh, also thanks to chokubi and hubby_b for working with you.

Anonymous said...


It seems like we have very similar taste in dramas and actors!!! Since you seem to like Matsuyuki Yasuko, did you saw Nanisama? If not, I recommend it a lot, it's still one of my top 10 favorite after watching many many many dramas. :)

Hope you will find raws for subbing 29 sai no kurisumasu, I like Yamaguchi TOmoko a lot.
Thanx for subbing mother, it was a long long time since I saw a drama that good.

I'd like to find a way to help in a way or another but Don't know how.
all the best
(20 century boy on d-addict)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for subbing this! I recently discovered it and am currently watching the raws. I can't wait to watch it with subs!!

Chuks said...

@keiko1981 and zooey
You're welcome. :)
I can guarantee you'll hooked to Mother, zooey.:)

Chuks said...

(I recognize your name, 20 century boy. :))

I've never watched Nanisama, so I did quick search and it looks interesting.
I'll give it a try. Thank you for the recommendation. :)

I did search more on 29 sai no Christmas, and apparently there's no DVD available for the show. Too bad.

I second you on Mother. What an amazing drama.

>I'd like to find a way to help in a way or another but Don't know how.
Leaving warm feedback like yours motivate me more to sub, so that's more than enough. :)

Chuks said...

Oh, one more thing. If you like Matsuyuki and can access to movie download, you should check "Yomei" out sometimes. Her acting shines on the movie.

Anonymous said...

I just had to come and say, Thank You for subbing Mother!
I just finished episode 1 and it's beautiful, and your subs are wonderful!

Anonymous said...

thanks for subbing Shinzamono! I really enjoy that drama. Mother is on my next-to-watch list and I will be very happy if Pure will also going to be sub, I loveee Emi Wakui ever since Imouto Yo, I was excited when I saw her pairing again with Toshiaki Karasawa in Fumo Chitai.

Take you time, I'm just happy someone want to pick up to sub Pure.

Chuks said...

You're very welcome. :)
Yes, it's very beautiful drama, on both cinematography wise and script wise. Oh, and not to mention great actresses.
I guarantee you'll hook to it. :)

Chuks said...

You're welcome. :)
I hope you'll like Mother too.
I loved Imoutoyo, too!

I'll start working on Pure soon. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I will check Yomei. :-)