Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pure ep05

Subs for ep05 are out. Enjoy. :) D-addict.

Translation notes for this episode.

0:02:33 She doesn't like dogs? [Kirai nano ka? 嫌いなのか?]
Subject, your(Omae no okasan) and object, dogs(inu) are omitted here.
The complete sentence would be "Omae no okasan wa inu kirai nano ka?"
Omae is your, but you shouldn't use it unless you are very close to whoever
you're talking to.
If you want to sound polite, say "Anata no okasan wa inu kirai nano desuka?"
Also, "kirai nano ka" sounds masculine, so if you're a girl, I recommend dropping "ka"
and say "kirai nano?"

If you are her guardian, then see that it happens.
[Anataga kokenin dato ossyarunara, sonohen wa shikkari foro shite itadakanai to.
What I want to point out here is the verb, foro(follow) suru.
It is one of Japanese English, and it means "support."

0:12:11 Oh, no. [Acha. あちゃ~。]
You see this expression on manga a lot (or drama based on manga).
I personally don't use this expression, I'd rather use "Shimatta."
But I know some people using it and they are avid manga readers.
There are vocabulary specific to manga world, and in my opinion, this is one of them.
(I read some manga when I was younger, and my favorite was Touch (Adachi Mitsuru).
I'm planning to buy the whole series someday. I also liked Itazurana Kiss, but the
author died in the middle of series, so the story was never finished.
I recommend Monster, if it's available in your country. It's an interesting story.
The anime was aired in Japan before and the raws are available if you search.)

0:12:54 You're something. [Taishita Onna dana. 大した女だな]
In this case, addressing somebody as onna (woman) is rude. Toru used onna to show despise.
The polite way to say woman is josei or onna no hito.
When you apply this to a man, you can say "Taishita otoko dana."
The polite way to say man is dansei or otoko no hito.

0:23:33 Doki doki [ドキドキ]
As the note says, doki is the sound of heart throbbing.
When you want to say "My heart throbs" you can say "Doki doki suru."
Whenever I see him, my heart throbs.
[Karewo miruto (shinzo ga) dokidoki suru. 彼を見ると(心臓が)どきどきする。]
('Shinzo' is a heart, but you can omit it.)
I haven't being in love lately.
[Saikin dokidoki shite nai na. 最近ドキドキしてないな。]

You don't need to show her the way. She can walk on her own.
[Kanojo no te wo hiite yaranaku tatte, zibun de aruke masu. 彼女の手を引いてやらなくなって、自分で歩けます。]
I personally like this line, so I picked up.
The direct translation is, "You don't need to pull her arms. She can walk on her own."
Just like a mother holds hand of their child to protect, Takako had been showing Yuka
the way.
I'm a girl, so I would use 'agenaku tatte' (or, 'agenaku temo') instead of 'yaranaku tatte.'
'Yaranaku tatte' sounds more manly, in my opinion.
0:31:41 I could care less if you use your sex appeal to get ahead.
[Omae ga onna wo tsukatte syusse shiyou ga doushi you ga, ore ni wa kankei nai. お前が女を使って出世しようがどうしようが、俺には関係ない。]
The expression, 'Onna wo tsukau' (direct translation is 'use a woman') is used when
a woman use her sex appeal to get what she wants.
Get ahead: syusse wo suru

Tell me if you have any suggestion regarding how I should explain Japanese phrases,
or what you want me to explain.


Drazic said...

Viz released all of Monster in english.

They also released all of Pluto and are on vol. 10 or so of 20th century boys (I'm reading the dutch release for that one so not sure which vols they're a t ^^). Both are by the same writer and also good =).

Chuks said...

I didn't know any of his other comic books since I haven't read comic books for years.
Thanks for the recommendation! :)

Anonymous said...

I like the Matsuyuki Yasuko Avatar better than the old one. :-)

Anonymous said...

>>[i][Karewo miruto (shinzo ga) dokidoki suru. 彼を見ると(心臓が)どきどきする。][/i]

I thought that shinzo was the organ and kokoro the heart as the occidentals see it... but obviously that's not the case.

like in [kono yoru, shinzo tabeyo ka?] So kokoro would be more like "the soul" or something like that?

Chuks said...


Ha, you can tell it's Matsuyuki?
I was hoping people would think it's me. :p

You're right. Shinzo is heart(organ), and kokoro is heart(feelings).
Here, heart as organ is used since when you're nervous, heart(organ) throbs.

That example you gave me, that's some example.
I'll never have a chance to use that phrase!

Kokoro is feelings.
Kokoro ga itai. : I feel bad.
Anamta ni wa kokoro ga nai. : You have no feelings(or heart).

Shinzo is organ.
Kare wa shinzo wo sasarete shinda. : He was stubbed in the heart and dead.
(Although, it sounds more natural if you use "mune(chest)" instead of "shinzo")

Anonymous said...

thx I think I got it now. :-)

Starting aishiteru this week end... sob, sob!

Chuks said...

I cried a lot with the drama too!