Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Catastrophe in Japan

As all know, Japan was hit by a big earthquake last Friday.
Fortunately my family was safe, but I have some friends who are affected and
living in fear.
My shock is beyond description and I'm trying to find a way to support my mother country.

I'm very distracted right now, it'll take longer than usual to release the subs for next episode.
I appreciate your understanding.


Anonymous said...

Hello Chuks!
It's absolutely understandable if subbing doesn't go on as usual, take all the time you need and I your friends will be safe.
It's really horrible what's going on there. :(

Anonymous said...

I hope everything will be stabilized soon. I completely understand how distraught this is to you and everyone concerned.

The Japanese have a strong spirit. I'm sure they will overcome this catastrophe and get on their feet very soon.

My support to Japan and its people.


Arthur said...

Hi Chuks.

Don't worry about the subs.

I wish you much strength. I must say I'm very impressed with the way the Japanese are dealing with such a terrible disaster.

All the best,


Chuks said...

Thank you for the warm messages, keiko, bluesilo, and Arthur.
Many countries have supported Japanese and it means a lot to us.
Once Japan is back on its foot, I'll make sure to give it back to other disaster area.

As for subbing, I'm still waiting for the editor to finish editing.
I'll do my best to hurry its release of the subs once it's back on my hand.

Akiramike said...

Glad to hear your family is safe and take your time with the subbing!

Chuks said...

Thank you, Akiramike. :)

The subs are now in QC but I have to check something with a editor, so as soon as I hear from her, I'll post the subs.
Thank you for your patience.

Anonymous said...

I hope your friends and family are at least physically alright. I felt blessed that my friends and their families were alright. Everything is so shocking and sad, but if I have faith in any people to pull together and get through adversity, it's Japanese. You're country has a spirit that is unlike any other but I'm sure you know that. :D

Tadanga said...

I can't even begin to imagine your state of mind right now.
Beyond the utter shock we all felt at all the devastation and the ongoing horror show of Fukushima Dai Ichi plant, the worst feeling is the frustration of not being able to do anything to help. Donations or heartfelt posts on boards is not doing it for me so, as soon as I heard of it, I jumped to join an upcoming event of solidarity here next Saturday when all the people studying Japanese and all the Japanese nationals living in Morocco will gather to sing Sakura. Attendance is expected to be in the thousands.

Chuks said...


I'm glad your friend are fine as well.
Like you said, Japanese have been hit by terrible natural disasters a lot but we have managed to recover from them. I can do nothing but hope for their recovery.

Very nice to hear from you.
I'm sure the support from overseas mean a lot to people who were affected.
Thanks for telling me about that.