Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Future projects

I've said before I was interested in subbing Kira Kira Hikaru and Furikaereba Yatsugairu if they ever get uploaded on D-addict.
Some people sure have their way to raw, so those raw are available on D-addict now.
But situation on my side has changed and I can't spare much time on subbing as I used to.
Still, I subbed the first episode of Kira Kira Hikaru and I realized there are many autopsy jargon that I can't find on internet. Some actors talking indistinct makes it worse.
One option is to leave those jargon untranslated. Well, my take is if an average Japanese can't understand those words but still be able to enjoy the series, that means those jargon are not that important. But I'm not comfortable with leaving some lines blank like that, so I'm kinda stuck.
That's where I am and I wanted to let people who are wondering about the project know.


Gordon said...

Chuks -- I don't know how much one opinion matters, but I just watched the raw on the first episode of Kira Kira Hikaru and thought it was well worth subbing. I understand your qualms about leaving things out, but it seems to me that just subbing the "standard" dialogue would help. I personally think you could also leave the technical japanese in the sub (assuming it fits of course).
Anyway, just wanted to add my bit of encouragement and thanks for all your hard work!

randonneuse said...

I agree with Gordon. I have been eagerly looking forward to this, downloaded all the raw episodes, and it doesn't bother me if the autopsy terms are left in Japanese or even put in English as ?autopsy term? You are such a diligent subber that I suppose it would bother you, but maybe you can overcome your feelings for this one. We English-only or Japanese-barely will never get to see it otherwise. Thank you for all your efforts!

Chuks said...

Gordon and randonneuse,

Thank you for your 2 cents.
I'll take them under consideration. :)