Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Kita no kuni kara Ep18

I've uploaded the subs for ep18 on D-addict.

This is a fun episode and it shows producers' love to the land and residents.
That's what makes this drama genuine and heart-warming, and that's why
it still touches people's hearts after 30 years.

Enjoy. :)

PS. Anybody watched Shijukunichi no Recipe yet?
The drama has some silly parts, but it's a good drama overall.
Looks like somebody subbed it and released the subs on D-addict.
I wanted to sub it too but I was too busy to work on it, so I'm glad
somebody decided to take it. Not many NHK dramas get subbed.


luthien said...

I've been wanting to watch a drama all day, but wasn't in the mood for anything but Kita no Kuni Kara.

I was about to logoff and go to bed, but soooooo happy to check DA first. THANK YOU!!!!

YOu've made my week again!

Arthur said...

Thanks Chuks.

Like you said, this was a very nice episode.

Chuks said...


It's always nice to read your comments. :)


You're welcome. :)